Wellness Plans

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Small Service Wash: $45 and up

Medium Service Wash: $65 and up

Large Service Wash: $95 and up

XL Service Wash: $125 and up

*Pricing for Service Washes are estimates only. Please call for a quote.

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Small Breed: $75 and up

Medium Breed: $85 and up

Large Breed: $125 and up

X-Large Breed: $175 and up

*$25 extra for dematting

*$5 extra for flea bath

*$5 extra for dandruff treatment

*$5 extra for shampoo upgrade (odor eliminating shampoo or whitening shampoo)

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$18 Small dog for 45 min

$20 Medium/Large dog for 45 min

$25 XL dog & Double Coated Breeds for 45 min

$5 every 20 min after the 45 min Limit

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