The Silver Lake Grooming Salon

That Keeps Your Dog Clean and Healthy

Washing Spot is the grooming salon preferred by Silver Lake and Echo Park pet owners and their dogs. We proudly meet all of your dog’s grooming needs by providing several affordable options. From full-service grooming to basic baths and self-washing, we give you the options that you need to care for your dog without hassle. Regularly bathing and grooming are essential steps for your pet’s optimal health. These steps can prevent many types of skin issues and other health problems, and we make it easy for you to keep your dog clean and healthy. If you choose to let our stylist do the work for you, you are assured that your dog will be cared for as we would care for our own pet. We have been serving pets and pet owners in the local area for more than 8 years, and we take great pride in the work that we do.

Providing Self-Wash and Pet Stylist Services in Echo Park

Are you searching for a qualified and compassionate pet stylist who will give your furry friend the undivided attention that they need? At the Washing Spot, our salon for animal companions provides you with several convenient options so that you can provide essential care for your furry friend. In addition to getting a full treatment from a pet stylist at our salon, your pet may be bathed by one of our groomers or even by you. We offer upfront, competitive rates while providing honest, high-quality services.

Other stylists may cut corners, negatively impacting your pet’s appearance and health. Unlike them, we honestly care about each animal that we groom. We want you to be completely satisfied with the work that we do.

We love what we do and are great at doing it. Our passion for grooming is visible each time you bring your little love to Washing Spot. You can easily find us on the bridge of Silverlake and Echo Park. Call us now to schedule the type of grooming or bathing service your pets need.