Your All-Inclusive

Self Wash Service in Silver Lake

Does your dog hate the groomers? A pet self-wash is an affordable alternative for bathing your pets, and it may be ideal for furry friends in Silver Lake and Echo Park who are timid around other people. If you prefer to wash your little love yourself, Washing Spot provides you with a convenient way to get the job done right.

You could simply bathe your dog in your bathtub, but you would make a mess and may not own professional-grade products and tools. At Washing Spot, we have four well-equipped stations that our customers can use at an affordable rate.

Everything You Need for a Self-Serve Dog Wash in Echo Park

Many of our loyal customers enjoy the convenience of our self-serve dog wash stations. At Washing Spot, we do more than provide you with a basin, warm water and shower head. We provide an apron for you to wear as well as shampoo, conditioner, pet wipes and towels. For dogs with special needs, we also provide a Zoom Groom de-shedding tool, a Slicker brush and comb, dental spray, Pawfume scents, ear cleaning supplies and a pet dryer. These are all included with the affordable self-wash fees:

$18 Small dog short hair for 45 min

$20 Medium dog short hair for 45 min

$25 Large dog & Double Coated Breeds for 45 min

$30 XL dog & Double Coated Breeds for 45 min

$10 every 20 min after the 45 min Limit

We also offer a range of additional tools and services that may be needed by some of our clients, and these are available as add-ons for an affordable additional fee.

A La Carte

$15 extra for nail clipping

$10 extra for teeth cleaning

$20 extra to Dremel nails

$15 extra to express glands

$20 extra for de-skunking treatment

$3 extra for Blueberry Facial (tear-free shampoo)

$5 extra for shampoo upgrade (flea, dandruff, odor eliminating, whitening)

$5 extra for ear cleaning

Each dog has unique care needs, and those needs can vary from time to time. While all dogs may need to be shampooed and conditioned using warm water, some pets need to be de-shedded.

Their nails may need to be trimmed, and other grooming tasks may be required.

Washing Spot does not accept walk-ins. We encourage you to call ahead

for an appointment for the most convenient experience at Washing Spot. Simply call ahead to reserve a station.

**Last Call for Self-Wash Stations is 3:00 pm**

Tue-Fri 3:00 PM